Our Quest After visiting our family in Puglia Italy in 2014, we purchased some Artisan leather dog collars that matched what we were looking for. We couldn’t wait to take the collars back to the USA and put them on our Cane Corso Mastiffs. After two years of rough use, we were amazed at their durability and unpleasantly surprised when we were not able to find similar collars in the USA. So in 2016, we decided to have custom collars designed and tested them for almost a year.  Our cousin from Italy Pietro who lives in New York gave us a huge leather sewing machine that we used to construct basic designs.

After purchasing many different leather products and colors, Pietro was able to help us construct some dog collar and harness prototypes that we took to leather factories with our specifications. We tested our collars with large breeds from friends, family members, and especially with our own dogs, who range from 90 to 150 pounds in size! After receiving great feedback and results, we decided to start Roman Dog Collars in late 2017.

leather dog collars and harness

We understand the muscle power of some larger dogs and the strength necessary to provide a durable collar for breeds such as the Cane Corso. After years of searching for affordable high quality all leather collars for our Cane Corsos, we were left empty-handed. Many of our dog collars were broken from the sheer power of our dogs on simple walks. We felt it was dangerous to our dogs’ safety to use just any cheap collar. Our quest led us to design and develop a line of high quality all leather collars and harnesses. We started making collars out of 100% Genuine leather and working along a professional leather artisan to guide us in our designs. After sharing some of our products with others…. our popularity gained fast and we decided to go into production on a larger scale. You will find a variety of all leather collars and harnesses in our web store with unique designs and excellent quality. All of our dog collars are made of the highest quality of leather from the USA and Italy.

Our collars combine style and durability together. Give our collars a try…… your dog deserves the best!


Our International Executive Team

dog collars for mastiffs and large breeds

CEO / Founder

Daria comes to us from a small town near Naples called Avellino. Her daddy is an Italian Champion and she knows how to display a collar professionally like her Daddy.

leather dog collars

President / Co FOunder

Alpha’s dream is to have Daria share his mutual feelings of love. He supports her in all her efforts in business and life and is a great friend. .

leather dog cane corso german shepherd dog collars

Public Relations

Damiano is a Cane Corso who immigrated to USA in 2016. His dream is one day make it to the Westminister Dog show in New York City, however he understands he needs a job to support himself while striving towards his dream. .

Customer Support

Missy is Damianos biggest fan and feels best when she is the center of his world. Missy learned her customer support skills while attending AKC shows as a youngster.