How To Measure Your Dogs Collar


It is recommended to use sewing tape measure or use a string and ruler. In some cases a construction tape measure may be used but it may not be perfectly accurate. If you are using a strong then be sure to measure the string against a ruler or tape measure when its fully stretched out.

Simply take the measurement of your dog’s exact neck circumference in inches. Pull the tape measure snug but not tight. When the collar is on the neck it should allow you to one or two fingers (larger hands one, smaller hands two) under a properly fitting dog collar. This may also depend on your dogs fur, for example, in the photo below this dog has a lots of fur so one finger is sufficient, on a dog who has a short coat we suggest two fingers.

dog collars

A dog collar should not be tight around your dogs neck so therefore it will not be the exact measurement of your dogs neck. For safety reasons so it does not snag on anything, or come off it should not be too lose either.

Roman Dog leather collars:

  • belt-style buckles with five holes for adjustable sizing
  • collar size is based on the middle hole
  • each hole is 1″ apart

example: A 22″ collar is adjustable to fit 20″ – 24″
20″ to the first hole, 22″ to the middle hole, 24″ on the last hole


This is an illustration to show you where the collar must be measured.
On this collar the arrow pointing to hole #3 is where the dog collar was measured to.