Large Quality Dog Collars

leather dog collars for big dogs

Large Dog Collars Made And Tested On Large Dogs Our daughter was amazed at how many collars we were going through on a monthly basis. Many of the dog collars we purchased would have a lifespan of less than a month. Most of these collars were purchased at your local pet stores both franchise and […]

History of Spiked Dog Collars

spiked dog collars history

History Of Spiked Dog Collars   We know according to historical research, humans had dogs as companions before cows and many other livestock. Archaeology have remains  dating back at least 13,000 years….. buried with their human masters!  When did  we start using dog collars? In particular, when did humans begin to use spiked dog collars? […]

Cane Corso Dog Collars

cane corso dog collar

Cane Corso Dog Collars A breed like no other deserves a dog collar like no other. We have owned the Cane Corso breed for almost 10 years now and we have loved every moment. One thing we realized about this breed from the start, was their powerful majestic build deserves a powerful majestic dog collar […]

Why Leather Leashes are better than Nylon

strong leather leashes

Why Leather Leashes are better than Nylon   Dog leashes aren’t just for leading your dog while you stroll around the neighborhood. In other words, leather dog leashes are about both form & function. Here are some reasons why you should choose leather for your dog…   Nylon dog leashes will deteriorate with the passage […]

Cane Corso

cane corso dog collars

The Cane Corso is Intelligent, confident as is easily trained. As a large and athletic breed, they need a lot of exercise. For this breed to be a well-balanced member of society, he needs extensive socialization and training from an early age. He does not do well crated all day and should have a fenced […]

American Bully Breed

bully leather collars

The American Bully Breed The American Bully dog breed began in the 1990’s, it began from crossbreeding and selective breeding of the American Staffordshire Terrier, and other Bull and Terrier breeds. The American Bully is a recently became a dog breed, It is a small to large breed which has been divided into four categories; Pocket, Standard, […]

German Shepherd

german shepherd dog collars

The German Shepherd Dog is a popular large breed dog that originated in Germany in 1899. German Shepherds are part of the working dog group and was developed originally for herding and guarding sheep. Because of their strength, intelligence and abilities in obedience training they are often employed in police and military roles around the […]

Dog Harness Benefits For Large Breeds


Dog Harness Benefits For Large Breeds Are you debating a collar or a harness? What’s your preference and what have you chosen for your dog? If you’re still reluctant about the purchase of a harness you may want to explore the following list of advantages. Reduced Pressure on the Neck The harness usually lays snug on the […]

Making Artisan Leather Quality Dog Collars

It was a trip to our family roots in Puglia Italy a few years back where we purchased leather dog collars that inspired a whole new look for our dog. These collars were featured at a leather Artisan market in Puglia and we were amazed by the quality. Our first question was…Where are the good […]