Cane Corso Dog Harness

cane corso harness

Cane Corso Dog Harness

Its typical for this breed to weigh over 100 pounds and reaching over 27 inches in height, the Cane Corso can appear intimidating at first glance. Their body is built thick and is athletic. They have been used as livestock guardians as well as guard dogs for over 2,000 years. This breed is happy and friendly, they aren’t afraid to protect their human companions from dangerous threats if they need to.

Historically the Cane Corso was bred by the charge across enemy lines and protect livestock. In Europe this breed was almost driven to extinction, Italian breeders were able to save them in the 1970s. Today, instead of fighting battles or protecting livestock, Cane Corso are great loyal pets with their families and have become popular in the USA.

Anyone who owns a Cane Corsi knows just how energetic this breed can be—in order to maintain their large, lean physiques, these dogs require a significant amount of exercise. On long walks, bike rides or hiking adventures, there isn’t a better companion than a Cane Corso.

However, as loyal and friendly as they are, Corsi also tends to be just as stubborn.

Most of the time, in order to maintain control and avoid caused by collars, a Cane Corso will need to wear a harness while they’re outside. Harnesses have become popular among this breed as many feel its easier to walk them.


What Is The Best Dog Harness For A Cane Corso?

When you’re shopping for the best Cane Corso harness, it’s easy to assume that all harnesses look and function the same. However, as similar as they may be in appearance, there are two Cane Corso Harness models that we recommend, both are 100% high-grade leather.

cane corso harness

We have found that the all-leather construction works best for the Cane Corso since because this breed is so powerful in our testing we decided these styles to be most favorable for long-lasting construction. The General Dog Harness for Cane Corsos is another all-leather model we developed for this powerful breed.

We have tested numerous dog harnesses for this breed over the last 10 years with this breed and the only one that would hold up was the all-leather saddle grade harness that is built to last, as a result, we took it a step further and had out designers use full grade multi-layered saddle leather with water-resistant cover film.

If you own a Cane Corso Mastiff will know they can be stubborn. These large dogs weigh a lot and can easily pull their weight and their owners with them. Although temperament and behavior can vary from dog to dog, there are always a few key features to look for when trying to identifying a good harness.

If your Corso tends to jerk or pull on the leash frequently, a no-pull or anti-choke feature can help you maintain control while also lowering the risk of a throat injury. Instead of placing large amounts of pressure on your dog’s throat, the no-pull feature disperses it evenly throughout the dog’s body.

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