Newfoundland Dog Collars

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Newfoundland Dog Collars – Breed Overview


This breed is one of the largest dog breeds, Newfoundlands are extremely powerful and dignified. Despite their size, these dogs are extremely docile, well-tempered, and loyal.

These dogs were bred and used by fishermen in Canada, where they would haul nets of fish out of the sea. The dogs were also trained to retrieve people who fell overboard the ship. Today, these dogs are still used as fishing companions by many fishermen. Today this breed is still used by fisherman and can often be seen on boats.

This breed does more than assist the fisherman, they are a loving dog and great with their family.

newfoundland dog collars

Newfoundland Health

During the puppy years, it’s recommended that Newfoundlands eat food that is formulated for large breeds. These dogs grow quickly, and this type of food will ensure that they are getting the nutrition that they need. For younger pups, four small meals a day is recommended, while adult pups should eat two averaged sized meals a day. However, do keep in mind the activity level of your Newfie. You will often find fisherman using supplements such as nuvet plus to ensure they have a good immune system.

Like most large breed dogs, Newfoundlands  are prone to certain health conditions, including hip and elbow dysplasia and arthritis. They can also develop eye issues, as well as subaortic stenosis and gastric torsion.

Leashes and Collars for your Newfoundland

Its important  for a Newfoundland needs to be extremely strong. Not only is this breed very large, but it’s also quite powerful. You should also consider this dog’s fur when selecting a collar, as some designs and materials can get tangled. Rolled leather collars, such as the American Flag Dog Collars are strong as well as the Studded Black dog collars that holds up to 900 pounds of weight by force.

Using a dog harness should be considered only for pups, as it can be very difficult to get an adult dog into one.

We do not recommend a harness for this breed as they can be extreme pullers. The Power Dog Leash is for large breeds is a great option.

Grooming The Newfoundland Dog

Newfoundlands have two coats, which help to protect them from the cold and heat, as well as the water, Both coats contain oils that prevent dirt from accumulating within them, and also help to provide protection against moisture.

With that said, you do need to ensure that your Newfie is properly groomed. Brushing or combing with a wire-bristled comb is important.

Bathing is only recommended when deemed necessary; for example, if your dog gets into contact with a skunk while walking on a trail in Pennsylvania, or if he walks through a nest of ticks on Long Island, or any other time that he’s reasonably dirty. Bathing too often will strip the skin and fur from water-repelling oils and could dry out his skin. Generally, a bath two or three times a year will suffice.


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