American Bandogge Collars

american bandogge collars bandog

The American Bandogge

amrican bandogge collars


This large breed is a cross by an American Bulldog type dog and a Mastiff, which also has several varieties. They were originally bred by a Vet in the 1960s, with the goal of creating the best possible dog for protection training. It is commonly thought that the first of these designer breeds were made with 50% American Pitbull Terrier and 50% Mastiff. However, today there are several other combinations that are recognized as an American Bandogge. An American Pitbull Terrier crossed with an English Mastiff is another combination that is sometimes used. There is a similar hybrid breed called the Pit Bullmastiff that is the combination of a Pitbull Terrier and a Bullmastiff. The American Bulldog and Mastiff were officially recognized as the breeds used to create the American Bandogge in the AKHC. However, in the Designer Dogs Kennel Club, the resultant dog of this combination is known as an American Masti-Bull. The most common and successful way to breed these is to use a male American Pit Bull Terrier and to cross it with a female Neapolitan Mastiff. The Bandogge part of this dog’s name comes from the term Bandog that was used by the Saxons in the old English. This word means a chain, this name was given to them because they were often chained during the day and let loose at night to guard the homes they protected.

These dogs are intelligent and will be easy to train, they will need an experienced owner who knows how to communicate with dogs and can show them that they are the boss. These dogs are considered giant and have moderate activity levels. They are easy to groom and have short coats. There are several options for Bandogge Collars that we provide, Click to see some American Bandogge Collars that are popular from our clients.

American Bandogge Characteristics

This breed is known to be very intelligent and confident and often calm, they require a firm hand like many Mastiff breeds, however, they do well with children.  This breed is not good for first-time dog owners and needs a dominant dog owner to display leadership.

These dogs have been used for dogfighting in some areas.  But there are a greater number of people who use these dogs for protection, which they excel at. They can be difficult to control and get upset when left alone for long periods of time, unless they get enough exercise, both physical and mental, and have an owner that shows proper leadership. The American Bandogge will live happily with other pets if they were brought up and properly socialized with them, but will not get along as well with animals that they don’t know. The K9 work of this breed is becoming more popular as people recognize their protection skills.

American Bandogge Breed Appearance

This breed is muscular and rectangular in shape with thin and tapering tails. Their bodies are well-proportioned with triangular ears and lips that are overhanging. The American Bandogge can come in many different coat colors such as brindle, grey, black, brown. To many people, they look like large pitbulls with more muscle.  The head will be large with a strong chest and large, broad shoulders. They will have strong, robust and muscular necks and impressively strong jaws. These hybrid dogs can be found in several colors, including brindle, blue or navy, fawn, red and black, and all of these colors will possibly have some white mixed in as well. Breeding this dog in white is typically not desired. Their noses can vary in colors just like the pit bull breed

american bandogge collars.

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