American Flag Dog Collar

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American Flag Dog Collar


After many emails we decided to add a heritage dog collar that was petitioned to us by many American loving people. This dog collar took about 6 months to develop and one year to test the durability. The idea was given to us by many including lots of members of our armed forces who sent hundreds of emails asking us if we can custom make a particular dog collar to support this great country.

american flag patriot dog collars

Above a Cane Corso wears our signature American Flag Dog Collar as well as the matching American flag dog leash.
Photo sent to us by the Gomez family in New Jersey.


This dog collar is not just for members of the armed forces it is designed for  Americans who love their liberty and freedoms in this great country.  What better way to show your appreciation for this great country then to dress up your dog with the collars of the flag. The American Flag Dog collar is made of the highest grade leather that is weather tested in temperatures of 10 degree below zero as well as temperatures as high as 120 to be sure the leather is tested to account for a high variation in temperatures.

american flag collar

Above a photo sent by Tommy in Texas who purchased his American Flag dog collar
for his 5 months old Cane Corso named Bolo.

The dog collar was designed for a strong breed and measures over 2 inches wide.
The dog collar has been tested to hold over 500 pounds and has a strong metal alloy steel chain link for added strength.

american flag dog collars

american flag dog leash



8 thoughts on “American Flag Dog Collar

  1. rebeka says:

    I am a former Marine and happy to say this American Flag Dog Collar I purchased for my pitbull is beautiful! Thank You!!!

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