American Bully Dog Collars

American Bully Dog Collars

The American Bully breed is a relatively new breed. This breed was established in the mid-1990s with the purpose of creating a pitbull with a thicker body and a better temperament. The American Bully Breed was created through years of selective breeding by combining the desired traits of the UKC Pit Bull Terrier and the AKC American Staffordshire. Some lines have added other bully breeds into the mix and sometimes non bully breeds. The American Bully’s origins can be seen both on the East and West of the USA, The American Bully can also be seen in Europe and Asia. The American Bully, also called the Bully Pit, we have seen various sizes of this breed. There are now a wide variety of sizes:


The photo above shows the standard American Bully type is a medium size dog with a compact bulky muscular body, heavy bone structure and blocky head. Male dogs must be 16 to 20 , females must be 15 to 19 in

Pocket Type

The “pocket” type is a smaller variant with full-grown males under 17 inches (43 cm) but no less than 13 inches  at the withers and females under 15 inches but no less than 12 inches  at the withers.

Extreme and XL

An XL type is determined by its adult height, with Males between 20 inches and 24 inches at the withers and females between 18 inches and 22 inches  at the withers.
The XL bullies are those above the standard for the Extreme.

Bred for Temperament

The American Bully is a happy, and stable tempered dog. Gentle and loving toward people. Good-natured, amusing, extremely loyal and an affectionate family pet. Almost always obedient, this dog wants nothing more than to please its owner.  It is an courageous and intelligent dog that is very full of life. This breed has the loyalty and stability of the American Pit Bull Terrier while keeping the sociable, amiable, and outgoing temperament of the American Staffordshire Terrier. This great breed is noted for displaying extreme tolerance with children and a a strong eagerness to please its family. Confident, yet not aggressive, this breed possesses a very pleasant temperament. The American Bully has an impressive, athletic build, which is both muscular and defined, and displays strength and agility. The breed is versatile and capable of accomplishing a wide variety of tasks. Overall American Bully is a well-rounded, reliable, trustworthy and ideal family companion. . They are known for their courage. A persistent fighter if provoked. Highly protective of his owners and the property, it will fight an enemy to the death if the enemy traps the dog in a corner and threatens its loved ones. This breed has a very high tolerance for pain. It has given outstanding results as a guardian of property and as a companion dog. This breed is not for the passive owner who does not understand that all dogs have an instinct to have a pack order. . The American Bully needs an owner who is firm to handle this powerful breed.

American Bully Dog Collars

The sheer power of this breed makes them pound for pound one of the strongest breeds available. We took over 6 months to develop and test our American Bully Dog Collars to be sure they stood up to this breed.

We recommend our  wide leather dog collars that are 2.5 inches wide or larger, for this breed because of their powerful necks. Our best selling American bully dog collar is the Large spiked collar.

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  1. powermanthick says:

    purchased a neo mastiff collar for you 6 months ago, use it for my bully. This dog collar is the only one that has held up with my power man named ‘THICK’.

  2. bullyfana says:

    Thank you for this info. I purchased the American flag dog collar from your website 4 months ago, great quality dog collar for my American bull dog.

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