Large Quality Dog Collars

leather dog collars for big dogs

Large Dog Collars Made And Tested On Large Dogs

Our daughter was amazed at how many collars we were going through on a monthly basis. Many of the dog collars we purchased would have a lifespan of less than a month. Most of these collars were purchased at your local pet stores both franchise and local operations. We were confused as to why no large collars were made for powerful dogs. After visiting Italy in the summer of 2014, we were amazed at a store near Rome who carried not only handmade Artisan collars but they were wide and strong exactly what we were looking for! The collar we purchased in Italy lasted over 12 months until one of our puppies decided to use it as a chew. We decided rather than going back to Italy to purchase the same collar we would journey….

Gianna started making designs from our Leather sewing machine in 2015….

Our daughter Gianna began experimenting with a few designs to test the durability and style on our largest dogs. We initially gave collars to friends and family to see how they would enjoy our new collars. We were amazed a few months later when our email was filled with requests from all over the USA after a few of our friends went on vacations and many were asking about our collars. With a referral from a friend in Italy we began production in dog collars from a fine artisan maker in 2015.  Since then, we have been testing our designs until our official launch in 2018.

One recent dog collar design is our Roman Legionaires collar. It was introduced in January 2018 and is the newest creation.

legionari dog collars

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