Cane Corso Dog Collars

cane corso dog collar

Cane Corso Dog Collars

A breed like no other deserves a dog collar like no other. We have owned the Cane Corso breed for almost 10 years now and we have loved every moment. One thing we realized about this breed from the start, was their powerful majestic build deserves a powerful majestic dog collar that can stand up to the demands of the Cane Corsos athletic lifestyle. The Cane Corso was once the same breed as the Napolitan Mastiff until the 1940’s when
Dr. Flavio Bruno distinguished this breed from the Neopolitan Mastiff by size.

The variations of the Cane Corso can be extensive since some are of a larger bloodline than others. Typically most males in the USA are 120-130 and in Europe you will see more like 100 to 120.

A few collars that are very popular among Cane Corso enthusiasts are the Roman Legionaire Dog Collar and the Spicatas Leather Dog Collar. The Duca Stud Leather Dog Collar is another favorite among Mastiff owners.


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