Why Leather Leashes are better than Nylon

strong leather leashes

Why Leather Leashes are better than Nylon


Dog leashes aren’t just for leading your dog while you stroll around the neighborhood. In other words, leather dog leashes are about both form & function.

Here are some reasons why you should choose leather for your dog…


Nylon dog leashes will deteriorate with the passage of time and They will begin to form stiff and abrasive edges that will rub against you and your dog. Over time, nylon weakens due to flexing and daily use, making it unsafe to use on your dog. On the other hand, leather dog leashes are made from a natural product  that is safe, natural and comfortable. Unlike Nylon, leather dog leashes are beautiful and stylish and will not lose its beauty over time. Leather is also incredibly durable and will not weaken over time like nylon, making it safe to use for years.



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