Making Artisan Leather Quality Dog Collars

roman dog collars leather collars

It was a trip to our family roots in Puglia Italy a few years back where we purchased leather dog collars that inspired a whole new look for our dog. These collars were featured at a leather Artisan market in Puglia and we were amazed by the quality. Our first question was…Where are the good quality Artisan Collars in the USA? I was not able to find any at my small local Pet store or my local Petco. After two years of using these beautiful collars they were intact with minor wear after our mastiffs played in them for well over two years. We realized we should not have to travel to Italy to find great Artisan leather dog collars, we we began Roman Dog Collars LLC in Jan 2018 with the notion that durable strong and fashionable leather can be achieved with Artisan expertise at a reasonable price and delivered here in the USA. We specialize in uniquely designed handmade Italian & American leather dog collars and leashes.


Dogs are a big part of family and our life, we have raised Cane Corso Mastiffs for over 10 years. As dog lovers, we are always looking for ways to show them a little extra love – whether that means a special treat, a walk in the park or just enjoying time with them in our home. That may also mean a new dog collar. After years of purchasing dog collars we realized that it was a lot more cost effective to buy a great leather collar and keep for a long time than to buy collars every few months after these collars would fail. We decided to research the process of why our Leather Collars were in great shape and connected with some of the finest Artisans in the world to start Roman Dog Collars LLC.

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